I am an experimental percussionist who uses sound to explore insecure frameworks, intentional disruptive events, and the emergence of process within these environments through self-determination and persistence. I develop these themes using an ever-changing collection of techniques that include repetition, acoustic exploration, and the utilization of found objects.


Conceptually my work is a reflection of my own pursuit to discover comfort inside of life-scenarios that are discombobulating and unsettling. Throughout the COVID-19 pandemic, I’ve learned this pursuit is only successful when I experiment with my surroundings to reinvent what is possible, acceptable, and meaningful. At this point, experimenting is an act of survival.


My approach to  percussion performance is a microcosm for this concept. When I perform I purposefully create scenarios for myself that deal with insecure and uncontrollable sound so that I can discover comfort and meaning. Percussion instruments are a great tool to explore this concept because they can be approached using our basic intuition, and many are rich with complex tones and sounds. For example, the tones of a bowed cymbal are uncontrollable and seem to have a personality of their own. I am interested in attempting to make sense of this object (and other similar percussion instruments) through my own approach to experimental process. 


My performances invite audiences to consider how experimentation can create meaning in their daily lives, and how it can be a functional tool for survival and daily perseverance. I hope it inspires them to reconsider what is possible, and to dream of a better future for us all.